May 03, 2011

…well, in MY day, if you bought an album with a guy in a giraffe mask in the bathtub on the cover, and it wasn’t what you expected, it was probably some kinda art-rock like Yes or Genesis or Pink Floyd or something. Turns out that the album is, instead, some kinda raging, super-speed, leather-lunged chore-core to which i cannot cock an honest ear. I give ‘em points for general intellectual nuttiness, but, on the whole, this strikes me as the kinda thing that maybe people who really like NoMeansNo but not necessarily their funkiness would adore. I will allow said individuals to form their own opinion, unencumbered by further commentary on my part. BEST SONG: Pass.  BEST SONG TITLE: “Birth, Sports Illustrated, Death”  FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Record spine reads as follows: “Pitelet käsissäsi Hero Dishonestin uusinta erootillsta novelikokoelmaa: Sateen jälkeen keltaista linimenttia ja sinot unohdin eli Sodoman ja Gomorran kinkerit, juustokestit! …Buy cheap drugs at herodishonest.com/cheapdrugs”

 –norb (If Society)