Nov 13, 2013

Finnish veterans Hero Dishonest crank out their sixth full length of frenzied, manic hardcore punk, evoking memories of the first time I saw them several years ago in Santa Ana, CA. The two vocalists calmly introduced themselves and the band in both English and Spanish before turning into psychotic moles and burrowing their way through a crowd of unsuspecting punks to a backdrop of spastic drum beats and shredding guitars. The vocal duties have since trimmed down to just one but the music is still as crazed as ever with the fast songs reminding me so much of the fifth Gauze LP or Poison Idea’s Kings of Punk. Two long, lurching songs close out the album on the second side, which are a bit of a let down with the entire first side being one rager after another. I’d have to be in the mood to flip the record over, but the effort to listen to this is well worth it for tracks one through eleven. Good shit.

 –Juan Espinosa (Peterwalkee, peterwalkeerecords.com)