HERESY: Face Up to It!: CD

Jul 07, 2006

Here is one record that has eluded me for years. I passed on it a few times during it’s initial release. I vowed to come back and purchase it at a later time. But that time never came and I never saw another copy again. Ten plus years later, I have bid on a number of copies on the evil Ebay and have been outbid by collectors that have money to burn. Last year, the reissue label Speedstate out of Japan released the second part of the Heresy trilogy and quickly sold out. A re-press was announced but never seemed to see daylight again. But the great folks at Boss Tuneage have come to my rescue! As soon as I heard that BT was releasing it, I sent an email into Razorcake HQ to see if I could have dibs if a copy came in since the label consistently sent in review material. Luck would have it that a copy had come in and was already assigned to me for review. Yes! Why do I care? Well, I was a partial fan. I bought a copy of the Never Healed flexi and the split LP with Concrete Sox. I enjoyed their track on Earache’s Grindcrusher comp. But my favorite was Face Up to It that was on the Manic Ears, The North Atlantic Noise Attack comp 2xLP. I wanted to hear more from that recording session. Now I get to. As I suspected, the songs are pure blasts of thrash with hints of crossover due to it being of the late ‘80s time period. Having a major roll in the formation of such genres as grindcore and power violence, they were one of the speed kings. I have heard stories of Napalm Death and Heresy in their early days having battles at shows to see who can drum the fastest. In this recording session that has been remastered, you can hear that they were influenced by American bands like Siege and DRI. Their change in sound was less Discharge and more like the latter mentioned bands. Like Holland’s BGK, they sounded very American. But that was not a bad thing. Hearing these songs for the first time, with the exception of the title track, gets me charged up with the manic and rapid speed drumming and the aural blur of the guitars. I can’t wait for volume 3 of this discography series. Reading the liner notes, those recordings are the ones they are the most pleased with. If I like this, I know that one is going to make me into one happy music nerd.

 –don (Boss Tuneage)