HERESY: 1985-’87: CD

Jun 19, 2007

This was originally released by Speedstate Records out of Japan in 2004. I thought it was still in print, but I could be wrong since Boss Tuneage licensed it. Since I’m a nerd, I thought I would describe some of the differences of each release. The cover artwork on the current release has been reduced a bit and the photos are a hair darker, but the song titles are larger. There is no Japanese title on the title edge of the digipack. The photos in the booklet seem to be darker too. The current release has extra photos not included in the Japanese pressing because they took out the Japanese translations of the lyrics. From there on, it’s all the same except the matrix number. Oh yeah, no obi. There are supposed to be three volumes and this is the first. This release includes the first demo, Never Healed flexi, two live tracks, and the Thanks! 7”. During the time of crossover, in the U.K. there was a growing faction of bands that were playing faster than what was considered fast at the time. This band and, say, Napalm Death were trying to break speed records. They heavily influenced the power violence genre of the ‘90s. Good to see that this release is still above water and available so people can discover this seminal band.

 –don (Boss Tuneage)

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