Jul 09, 2009

I don’t know if most people are ready for something like this. You get in a rut and you don’t buy new music for a while. A comfort zone has incased you and you are not ready to burst out of your familiar bubble. I go there sometimes. Some CDs haven’t left the CD changer in my car for over a year. But the great thing about hearing new music is the spontaneity of feeling your blood rush. You lose track of time and space. Feel like someone is going ape shit for you when you can’t yourself. I popped this on the turntable and was totally floored by what was coming out of my speakers. If you don’t like fast punk, go away! Here are the facts of this release that I received from the guy who released this. This was originally released in Brazil. The singer of Gritos De Alerta runs the label Terrotten that initially half released this with the label Usina de Sangue. I was told a member of Heresia also plays in the band Sick Terror. This US pressing is limited to 500 and on grey splattered vinyl. Heresia: Serious D-beat meets Sweden damage here that is so fucking heavy, I barely could breath from the weight. Sounds like the rumble you hear before an earthquake shakes your house and belongings. It’s a sound that, if done right, can be so powerful even though it has been replicated. Gritos De Alerta: Fast, blasting punk rock that ventures into crust territory. It’s got Energizer bunny drumming with a guitar that sounds like it’s hooked up to a boombox and not an amp. If you like the screamo vocals, that’s what you get here. To sum it up, I preferred the Heresia side, but was not displeased with the Gritos De Alerta side.

 –don (Ponk-111)