Jan 18, 2007

From what I’ve been able to determine, this is the work of one person, kinda like how Bathory used to work back in the late ‘80s. While I ain’t exactly big on the whole black metal thing (although I will admit getting a good laugh out of a buncha people running around worshipping Satan or Odin and trying to be e-vile and shit), this wasn’t all that terrible. There’s little in the way of subtlety, the songs are way too fucking long to hold the attention of this old hardcore kid (I easily could fit fifteen songs in the space of one of the tracks here!) and the incessant, pummeling beats get kinda boring by track two, but the execution of the songs was good and the overblown grandiosity inherent in the genre fit here quite nicely. Of course, you can’t understand word one lyrics-wise, but on the whole I’ve heard much worse.

 –jimmy (Hydra Head)