HERE BE DRAGONS #10: $4, 8½” x 7”, offset, color cover, 44 pgs.

Apr 19, 2016

Listen, I’ll be honest. While there was certainly some part of me that enjoyed this for the pure nostalgia trip—I distroed early issues of HBD nigh on two decades ago—the rest of me was just unabashedly stoked to read a well-done, thoughtful, cleanly laid-out zine with real depth to it. As with their previous issues, this one’s a great return to the old motif of the personal being political. Interviews with a punk pizza place in Pittsburgh (!), artist Jen Gooch, a pair of folks who operate a vegan pierogi night, and a bevy of essays relating to aging, personal health à la the two-wheeled machine, hope, and more. It’s all earnest as hell, well-written, and very much centered on this notion of community, looking out for each other, personal accountability, and self-care. It was a little droll here and there—the Jen Gooch interview was really short and lacked depth—but damn, it is really terrific to see a new issue of this zine out in the world. –Keith Rosson (HBD c/o Mike Q. Roth, 4625 Torley St., Pittsburgh, PA 15224)