HERD OF WASTERS: Just Three Dudes Havin’ a Real Good Time!: 2 x 7”

Nov 13, 2013

Self-described “party punks,” Herd Of Wasters deliver twelve tracks of their snotty, foul-mouthed brand of punk rock in a double-gatefold package, with printed inner sleeves featuring lyrics and cartoon images connected to each song. It’s nice to see a band invest that kind of attention into 7” packaging and not just photocopying a poorly hand-written sleeve, stuffing them in record bags, and calling it a day. Musically, Herd Of Wasters are fast and spastic, with some catchy riffs. The humor displayed in their lyrics, though, is the lowest of low-brow humor—dick and fart jokes making ample use of the word “fuck” does little for me. That said, the track “2, 4, 5, Trioxin” is kind of a fun one, crammed with references to the ‘80s horror flick Return of the Living Dead. If you like your jokes the way you like your beer, cheap, Herd Of Wasters could be your new favorite goofy punk band. If not, you can at least feast your eyes on the beautiful packaging job before you put it back in the record bin.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Wasted Wax, wastedwax.ca)