HENRY FIAT’S OPEN SORE: Patmos or Bust: 7"

Jun 23, 2009

I was really surprised when this came in the mail. See, I’d written to Wrench, trying to get a review copy. Instead, I got a pretty cold email saying that they DID NOT put out this EP. I shrugged my shoulders, scratched my head, and just assumed that I must have read something wrong somewhere along the line. Then it came in. I looked at the label. I got pissed. I put it on. I got happy. Man, HFOS are so damn good! I was lucky enough to pick up their full-length, Idiotia Hyperactiva, on the recommendation of Mr. Aphid Peewit. They’re kind of a newer version of the Mummies, with tight black ski masks in place of wrappings. I also hear Dwarves and the Weirdos in there, just great stuff. Four songs make for a pretty beefy 7”, but still leaves me wanting more.

 –megan (Wrench)