Sep 30, 2008

This new release is still spastic and all over the place, yet Henry Fiat’s Open Sore seem to have developed their weirdness to a degree that can only be measured in comparison to bands like Devo or Turbonegro. At times, this record definitely reminds me of both bands, and only until I realized that did I even consider how hard of a thing that must be to pull off. From the second track, “The Knuckledraggin Neanderthal in Me,” which has a Loverboy being covered by Devo, being covered by HFOS feel to it. All the way to the ending spoken word part of the last track “Mondo Blotto,” which cannot play without escaping Apocalypse Dudes comparisons, does this album dance around, throwing drunken slugs and bear hugs of European sensibility dosed with party-hard strength and a look no ways before you cross the road rock’n’roll vengeance. 

 –Daryl Gussin (Alien Snatch)

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