HEMI CUDA: Classics for Lovers: CD-R

Jul 01, 2003

It starts off nicely with the lead track, then gets a flat and pulls off to the side. The bad news for Hemi Cuda is that there are quite a few female-fronted pop punk bands who blow them off the track, no matter how many different color wigs they have in the closet. Neither of these ladies have the loud, blaring pipes of Chica Baby of the Beautys or Cinder of Tilt, the instrumental dexterity of the Eyeliners live, or the sealed four-play-as-one-power of the Soviettes. Although they far from suck, they get stuck in bar rock mode for vast stretches, where the riffs get more tired than Jerry Lewis walking up a set of stairs. Sorry, shin-high leopard print boots and boss cars don't pull it through for me.

 –todd (no address)