HEMI CUDA: Classics for Lovers: CD

Feb 18, 2009

Surprise! I love it when my intuition is wrong. I thought this was going to suck hard! I hesitantly put the disc into the player, ready to dismiss it. Pouring out of the speakers was a blast of raw punk’n’roll mixed with a strong flavor of pop melody. Kinda sweet and dirty at the same time. Songs that barely cross over the three minute mark keep things interesting. They would probably be a band that is great in a live setting. Great songs that have them sounding like a cross between early Redd Kross and The Waitresses or Josie Cotton. Looking at the insert, I see pictures of the band. Out front are two women with matching outfits and wigs playing guitar and bass and trading off on the vocal duties. I read that the drummer is male, but no pictures are to be found. I guess the label didn’t think he was marketable for his sex appeal.

 –don (Pop Sweatshop)