Aug 08, 2009

I have heard a little music from this band before. They are another great countrified rock band, one of the better ones. I think this is supposed to be a greatest hits just based on the cover, however, if you read the back, it appears that these are mostly cover songs – eighteen songs with five giving credit to the band. They cover some really good songs by some great artists like MC5, Motorhead, Chuck Berry, and The Allman Brothers. Hellstomper does these songs justice and more. Now, I’m not too familiar with this band so I’m not sure why there are so many cover songs on a greatest hits CD unless this is always what they do on their CDs. Pardon my ignorance. Nonetheless, it’s a good CD that has kept me stompin’ my feet through many listenings and will continue to do so.

 –toby (Steel Cage)

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