May 01, 2012

Of all the metallic crust/punk bands out there, I’d have to say Hellshock are my favorite. Their music has a ton of drive and energy. Even when they allow themselves to plod, they still do it with undeniable force. Mix the masters of Japanese and Scandinavian hardcore, and you get something like Hellshock. They draw on a rich well of influences and create something so fucking sonic it’s addicting. This was originally released back in 2005 (reissued now in a pressing of 300) and holds up. The title track begins with the slow-build intro that wavers between forlorn and prepared-for-battle type stuff, then rips into a quick gallop and the war is on. This is the type of music that runs through my head as I roll dice and cleave goblin warriors in two with my battle axe, and I mean that as a sincere compliment. “Legion,” on the backside, is a little more quick to get down to business—with the war drums at the beginning and everything falling in line—then ker-fuggin’ pow!! Thunderous mayhem with a riff that storms the gates, directed by gruff vocals and a guitar lead that comes out of the darkness then races back into the shadows. It’s been at least a couple years since I’ve heard anything new from these guys. Hope there’s more to come.

 –M.Avrg (Profane Existence, profaneexistence.com)

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