HELLSHOCK: Warlord: 7"

Jun 22, 2007

Interesting how everything evolves in life. The ones who take elements from the past and try to create something of their own are the ones that are memorable. Take this band. From what I hear, they’re taking cues from Discharge, Amebix, Anti Sect, and Severed Head of State. Now that is off the tip of my tongue off the first listen. I’m sure others will have more bands to use as reference. I’ve heard the name of this band thrown around for a couple of years, but it’s hard to buy everything that everybody puts out. But a friend of mine said that this band has improved when he went out on tour with Selfish and Hellshock. I put the band on the shopping list. Fortunately, the cards were drawn in my favor and I had one for review. The format of the 7” is a good one because it gives the listener a taste to see if it is a flavor one might like. Also, it forces a band to bring out their best material at the moment. No filler. Right from the start, you can tell that the band has members who have been playing for awhile. Instead of the standard jump-right-into-the-chords deal, they play an almost rock opera interlude that is multi-layered and could be a song all its own. I really like the intro parts of their songs. I like the build up of the song and it adds a dark texture to the music. I like the creativity of playing slow first and building it up to pummel. The band does play a brand of crust, dis-core that is enhanced by the intro, but the metal edge with the guitar harmonies and the generous use of guitar solos takes the standard bar chord to another level. The songs are short and to the point. It’s not overdrawn and makes you get up to put the needle back on the record because you want to hear more. Judging from this two-track 7”, this band has the potential to leave a large mark in punk history. I can see their popularity reaching that of Tragedy or Disclose.

 –don (Profane Existence)