Hell’s Bent on Rockin’ – A History of Psychobilly: By Craig Brackenridge, paperback, 2007, 227 pages By Thiringer

Aug 31, 2008

At least the third book by lifetime psycho Brackenridge on the subject matter, Hell’s Benton Rockin’ is an overwhelmingly thorough and in-depth look at the history and current state of the psychobilly scene, told from the perspective of Brackenridge’s personal involvement and research. In-depth, almost genealogical-like coverage on pretty much every psycho band ever to exist around the globe; illustrated in black and white,  with tons of photos and flyers covering the entire quarter-century existence of this genre. This book provides both beginners and advanced listeners tons of first-hand facts and trivia about the essential bands, clubs, and extemporaneous scene information. Even with its U.K.-centric bent and rambling, barely edited and loose, conversational format, Hell’s Benton Rockin’ is an exhaustive resource on the subject. The first five of ten chapters cover the birth, maturity, and explosion of the U.K. and European scenes with a subsequent chapter on each of the following: fashion, the 1990s to the present, psychobilly in America, global psychobilly, and the present scene. Includes an appendix of web resources and news. –Jessica T (Cherry Red Books, www.cherryred.co.uk)

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