HELLOWAR: On the March to the Final Doom: CD

Mar 23, 2012

Indonesian crust metal? Sure, why not? I was reading about Indonesian metal recently, so it was cool to get a CD of it. The twenty-one tracks on this album come in at forty-three minutes and are all sung in Malay (I’m guessing). However, they do a cover of Discharge’s “Never Again” in English. I always wanted to like crust punk, but found most of it redundant and mindless (although Discharge’s Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing is a fucking solid record). That being said, I just couldn’t get into Hellowar. Part of it may have been because I couldn’t understand the lyrics—and when you play crust, most of the music is going to sound the same—the lyrics really have to stick out to make much of a difference. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about a mixture of crust and metal. At times, it seemed as though the band was trying to decide whether they wanted to be a metal band with crust influences or a crust band with metal influences. I felt like the two never melded well on this album.

 –kurt (Revulsion, [email protected])

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