HELL ON HEELS: Dogs, Records & Wine: CD

Jan 29, 2008

I’m not sure where Hell On Heels has been all my life, but wow, I’m sure glad this CD ended up in my review pile. This is the kind of album I would actually go out and purchase of my own accord. These ladies know how to write a great rock’n’roll song and, thankfully, they also kick ass when it comes to playing those rock’n’roll songs. The guitar and vocals are particular highlights, but I also love the fact that there’s a keyboard player who knows how to add to the songs without once making me think of The Doors. Checking out the liner notes made me love them even more because, number one: these girls are seriously foxy, and number two: some of the proceeds from the album are going to the animal rights charity Last Chance For Animals. These ladies like their dogs just as much as their records and wine.

 –jennifer (Dionysus)