HEAVY TRASH: Going Way Out with...: CD

Sep 21, 2007

Jon Spencer has been around for ages, and I gotta admit, this is the first time I have ever knowingly sat down to listen to one of his records. Heavy Trash is Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray, formerly of Madder Rose and Speedball Baby, backed by three different bands in various studios around the world. Whatever the incarnation, wherever the location, these wild, not-so-young bucks kick out scorching country-blues, rampaging rockabilly, and full-throttled rock’n’roll. From the early Johnny Cash tones of “That Ain’t Right” to the sheer rock’n’roll exuberance of “They Were Kings” (giving props to The Gories, The Cheater Slicks, and Doo Rag) and “Crazy Pritty Baby,” Going Way Out With… will force your hair into a pompadour of its own accord and your feet to slide around the dance floor independently of your brain. Killer stuff.

 –benke (Yep Roc)

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