HEAVY TIMES: “Lost Dogs” + “P.O. Box”: Flexi

Jan 11, 2013

Part of the Rotten Tooth Summer Series of flexies with super duper silk screening both on the cover and the thin wax, this is a breezy two-songer. This Heavy Times appetizer has them at my favorite. They mix both the don’t-fuck-with-us-burl of Sabbath with the fuzzy-static melody of The Jesus And Mary Chain. It’s badassery that you roll down the window and shout along to while intimidating minivans and laughing at poseurs in yet another line to purchase their mass-marketed individuality. The rusty plow digs in the dirt. A golden scythe is held aloft. Blood and honey drip muddy from the blades. Nice.

 –todd (Rotted Tooth, rottedtoothrecordings.com)

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