Jan 11, 2011

The needle on my turntable had been broken for what seemed like forever and the record I missed listening to most was this. First thing I did when I finally got a new needle was throw Danny on and have a one man dance party in my living room. Twelve songs running the rock’n’roll gamut of partying too hard, Tina Turner admiration, and dancing. Heavy Cream’s sound is ‘70s rock and punk-influenced (but without the masturbatory soloing) and Runaways comparisons aren’t unwarranted. Three songs are repeated from their self-titled 7”, but I think the recordings used for the album are different and less muddy than the 7”. “Watusi” and “Lava Lamp” will be stuck in your head for days. Check ‘em out live. The drummer pounds like nobody’s business and the singer has the crazy eyes. Oh, and I forgot there was a download coupon with the record. I could have been listening to it all along! –Sal Lucci

 –guest (Infinity Cat, infinitycat.com)

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