HEAVY CHAINS: A Very Real Hell: 12” EP

Mar 23, 2012

First couple listens, I couldn’t help but think of Nü Sensae mixed with Chrome and Flipper, and as it turns out this features personnel from the aforementioned band, along with White Lung and Mutators. So you know this is bound to be something pretty good. And it is indeed: disjointed rhythms and mutilated instruments that create mood as much as a cacophony (“Crying Demons” recalls early Sonic Youth in their more dark and minimal days). The songs are sometimes noisy. Other times, they create this feeling of being in a goopy liquid that flows like a lava lamp: gelatinous orbs of sound that rise, separate, and reshape in a strangely hypnotic fashion. Vocals are sometimes shrieks (“Commo Wire,” “Insane Pain,” and “Shit Burning Piss Tubing”), other times they’re acid trip-like sounds (“Stoned Stripper” and “Tommy Toucher”), where you hear the words, but fuck if you know what they’re saying, besides the fact it just sounds good on your ears.

 –M.Avrg (The Broadway To Boundary, thebroadwaytoboundary.com))