Aug 26, 2009

Not essential, but far from disposable garage punk that owes a lot to the New Bomb Turks, both in the high-stepping instruments and the clear, jets-in-the-stratosphere vocals of either Ryan or Owen (they both sing). There’s no denying that they’re catchy, have much-better-than-average songwriting skills, know what works in the Cramps catalog, and can play well. But I don’t hear that extra spark. Take someone along the lines of the Beltones (who used to live nearby, if I’m not mistaken), a band that took a very similar, tightly clustered set of cues and mixed up the mix just enough to stake their own claim. I’m willing to give the Heatseekers some leeway and hear their next release because parts of songs really get moving, but taken as a whole, it sits right in the middle. On related news, the drummer, Chuck Loose, makes some graphically arresting cool gig posters. You can check them out on the internet.

 –todd (OHEV; www.ohevrecords.com)