HEAT LIGHTNING: Even a Baby Could Do That: CD

Jul 16, 2009

Seriously damaged tinkle, like a less-sophisticated Sockeye. Or a more-sophisticated one, I can’t tell. “I Wish I Had a Dog” (“Cuz dogs are better than cats”) probably didn’t take a lot of staying up nights to get written, but a “Mexican Robot” seems like a pretty advanced subject. “Nothing Is Simple” is actually a pretty well put together song with a nice violin line over a thick guitar melody. “5-0 Come Creepin’” has the funniest drums in the bunch (drums can be funny). The real crowning glory, however, is the ten-minute “Louie Style,” a hilarious and vigorously bent scat-noise jam. And for once, don’t miss the stupid fiddle-rap extra track.

–doug (Horrendous Failure)