HEAT DUST: Self-titled: 10”

When I made my Mansa Musa-esque pilgrimage to Razorcake HQ last year, I told Todd that there needs to be a name for the Dinosaur Jr. punk that’s been coming out lately. He said something like, “To name a style of art is to kill it,” and I shut up, because I like grunge. Well, I’m back and I’m calling this stuff “Dino-Punk” because I’m sick of it and it needs to die. Go away, lackadaisical vocal echoes, vague lyrics, buzzy guitars, and slow songs. You’ve had your time. Twice. What makes Heat Dust stand out? They’re from New Orleans, the guitar sounds more like a mosquito than a drill, they have a song called “Priority Mail for an Asshole,” and sometimes they really slow it down, for maximum depressive effect.

 –CT Terry (Texas Is Funny)