HEAT DUST: Self-titled: LP

This right here is one of those albums that is so great, it’s life-affirming. You could call this post-punk, but that would be selling it short. Think of the Chameleons meeting Beautiful Skin (especially the vocals), and you get something like Heat Dust. The guitar figures heavily in the sound, slashing and careening around, sometimes shimmering, as in the song “Anybody.” Meanwhile, the bass and drums move everything forward with a certain swiftness while bringing that slightly brooding edge. The bass steps forward in “Seeking a Praxis” with just the right amount of distortion to announce its presence and singe your ears. The song structures are dynamic and layered with different textures coming up against one another—tempos change and varying moods come into play. In “Always,” where the song starts off with shimmery guitar, the tempo builds to a boil and the song suddenly shifts and breaks through the dark clouds to sound almost pop—then ends close to where it started. “Do You Think About It?” is the sole instrumental on this album and is still very expressive despite its lack of words. Tempos shift, the guitar rings and clangs, and there’s an air of despair over the whole thing. I strongly urge you to get this; easily one of the best albums of the year.

 –M.Avrg (The Flenser, theflenser.com)