HEARTACHES, THE: Too Cool For School: CD

Feb 08, 2007

Billy Dee can barely sing, the guitars are trebly and sound like they could fall apart at any moment, and the drums sound on the verge of shambles—in other words, it’s perfect. Quick, catchy shots of 90 proof punk that tries on the styles from decades past and gives them a now sound twist. I hear flashes of the New Bomb Turks, Motards, Black & Whites, Chuck Berry, and Riverdales. There’s an undercurrent of timeless naivety to these songs, but something tells me that’s a conscious choice made by the band and that they’d gladly sneak off with your girlfriend and sister after the show. Covers of Love (“Seven & Seven Is”) and the Testors (“Let’s Get Zooed Out”). For fans of the Real Kids, Boris the Sprinkler, the Woggles, sugar highs and falling down drunk…and, really, that should be everybody.

 –benke (Swami)