HEARD OF WASTERS: Beer Whores: Flexi

Jul 24, 2013

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s answer to The Spits, Heard Of Wasters is a goofy amalgam of all things great in mainline punk rock. First cassettes resurfaced, and now flexis are making a comeback. I got an 8-track player way back when TPOS started doing punk 8-tracks, so I’m ready if and when that format returns. In any event, Heard Of Wasters is terrifically silly and rocking all at the same time. A true full length from Heard Of Wasters is way overdue. Till then, their 7”s and this flexi are what to clutch onto. Just don’t grab at it too hard. It’s a flexi after all.

 –Art Ettinger (Wasted Wax, wastedwax.ca)