HEADS AND BODIES: Ground to Join the Dust: 5-song CDEP

Jul 09, 2007

If earnestness could automatically equate to a great record, Heads and Bodies would be way ahead of the game. It’s apparent that they’re going for something new and distinct. The CD starts off super promising. The first track, “The Will of Machines,” is loud, swerving, and bombastic, and reminds me of a jubilant mix between Discount and Jawbox, punctuated by dual male and female vocals. On “Margo’s Forehead Doesn’t Deserve Jack Shit,” it strikes me that I can’t place another punk song that I’ve ever heard a clarinet on. But somewhere near the middle of that song to the end of the CD, the band loses my interest more and more. Songs meander and mope around. Structure seems to just collapse. Songs blend into one another and lack cohesion. They’re too long. It’s no fun at all. And, unfortunately, by the end, I’m just bored. It’s sort of a chore to finish the EP.

 –todd (Heads and Bodies)