HEADACHE: Discography: CD and Book

Jun 19, 2007

At first listen, I fucking hated this. Initially, the song structures had all the cohesion of a shattered windshield and I could feel my stress level rising within the first thirty seconds of this disc being played. The term jarring is apt. Stuff like this, recorded, has never translated well for me. Live, I’m sure I’d be wiggling one leg like crazy and trying to figure out how the hell they’re jumping from one fucked-up time signature to another, but when I was sitting here trying to write record reviews, it just made me want to pull my own goddamn fingernails out. Then I put it on again, and started to notice odd little sections (or even the occasionally complete song) where they just go flat-out and work the pedal down—wacky off-time drum parts with feral wolverine screeching over the top is replaced with something off of a long-forgotten streetpunk record. And even the jarring, discordant, manic parts started to gel into something whole. The CD comes packaged in a gorgeous book full of liner notes, comics, lyrics and writings—some of them seemingly nonsensical and some of them more coherent and focused. All in all, Headache’s a band that would probably floor a shitload of people live and are well-suited for folks who think bands like Ruins and Deerhoof are just the shit.

 –keith (Life Is Abuse)