HEADACHE CITY: Self-titled: CD

Jul 07, 2006

I had expectations, but I wasn’t quite ready for how slithery and juicy Headache City is. It’s like their songs have Vaseline’d up Slip-n-Slides in the middle of ‘em: vlooop, songs just quirt by. It’s just so “jazzy,” too. Not jazz-ish, but so palatable and unique. It’s a double head scratcher that when the songs are taken out of the context and sequence from the album: they’re nicely weird universes into themselves. It’s like a puzzle where every piece is its own mini picture, but when they’re all interlocked, there’s something definitely larger to hear that’s presented by the length of the album. I’m fully aware that I’m stretching here, but it’s like The Fuses meet early Bauhaus meet Manikin meet Lost Sounds. I was fully expecting driving oddrock—which they deliver. I wasn’t expecting the atmosphere and flourishes. This rubbed me completely the right way…and I didn’t know I needed the rubbing.

 –todd (Shit Sandwich)