HEAD HOME: Outside My Window: 12”EP

Mar 31, 2009

Daryl said that I would probably like this because it’s shoe gaze. Well, he was right on both counts. It’s shoe gaze and I like it. It’s shoe gaze that is more concerned with rocking and melody than experimental soundscapes. In fact, you aren’t going to find anything you might think of when you hear “experimental soundscapes” on here. Don’t get me wrong, there is a big, atmospheric sound on here quite frequently, but it’s free from any bullshit. It’s kinda reminiscent of Swervedriver’s Ejector Seat Reservation. The little catalog that accompanies this 12” makes a comparison of the Head Home to Dinosaur Jr., and I’d be hard pressed to say that it’s a bad comparison. The guitars are big and rockin’ and aren’t afraid of pop and melody; the vocals are smooth yet slightly distorted and meld perfectly into the rhythm. This is good stuff!

 –Vincent (Wallride)