HCP: Pozytywny Stan Swiadomosci 1989: LP

Sep 24, 2014

Positive state of mentality. A system of total love. It’s hard to imagine in 2014 that there are countries that were almost inaccessible at the beginning of our lifetimes. When I was a kid, it wasn’t Cuba and North Korea; it was Russia, Poland, and Yugoslavia. The fear of the red menace was rife across the west. The punks wrote songs about it, but mostly we knew fuck all. It was very difficult to find any music from there, as most had to be smuggled out. To get music into these countries, we would dub tapes and try and smuggle them in. I’ve never heard of HCP before, but these kids had definitely got their hands on some Heresy and Ripcord demos. While this LP is clearly influenced by the straight edge of the time (‘89), the music has way more in common with either much earlier U.S. gear like Siege or the U.K. ‘core scene of the late ‘80s. This LP compiles their only 7” (released in Switzerland) and three demos. All pretty killer stuff and the huge newsprint booklet in Polish and English is the icing on the cake. Great.

 –Tim Brooks (Refuse)

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