HBLOOCK101: Human Flotsam: CD

Feb 27, 2007

From what I gather, this is a collection of EPs from an Australian band that has been around for a while. They serve up some prime-grade punk rock here, with politically oriented lyrics that don’t come off as preachy in the least and some catchy, straight-ahead punk riffage. There are a few covers on here, all of which, with the exception of “The Harder They Come,” (don’t fuck with Jimmy Cliff, boyos) are quite nearly as good as the originals. Most impressive is that they describe themselves as playing “’77-influenced punk rock,” yet, even though they cover the Heartbreakers, they sound nothing like the Thunders-worshipping lemmings that glom onto that description like junked-out moths to a flaming kilo of black tar. Definitely worth a listen.

 –jimmy (Mad Butcher)