HAWKWIND: Weird Tapes 4: Live : CD

Nov 22, 2009

The straightest-ahead of the Weird Tapes discs: it’s all (gasp) from one Hawkwind lineup, no ringers from side bands or solo projects tossed in, all live Hawkwind from 1978.  Definitely more rockin’ than the bulk of these releases, and probably the most highly recommended of the Weird Tapes discs - if you only want to buy one (at first…) you could do worse than to start with v. 4.  It’s got “Urban Guerilla,” probably my favorite Hawkwind song bar none, and the consistency of this disc makes it the most palatable to the ear in ways than the grab-bag nature of the other discs in the Weird Tapes series - it basically sounds like an unreleased live album, and a pretty good one at that.  Definitely a worthy addition to the canon.

 –guest (Hawk Records/Voiceprint)