HAWKWIND: Weird Tapes 2: Hawkwind Live/Hawklords Studio : CD

Nov 22, 2009

This volume of the Weird Tapes presents a five-track chunk from a 1977 “Spirit of the Age” tour Leicester gig, filled out with three Hawklords (the band Dave Brock formed after temporarily breaking up Hawkwind in the late ‘70s - which quickly evolved back into Hawkwind, naturally enough) studio tracks, presumably otherwise unreleased.  Nice clear sound on the live stuff and a focus here on poet/vocalist Bob Calvert’s material: four of the five Hawkwind cuts have a Calvert writing or co-writing credit.  Interesting contrast with the Hawklords tracks, which are sans Calvert although he was among the  ‘lords initially.  Creative tensions aside, he’s in fine form here, as is the rest of the group.  The Hawklords cuts aren’t quite as striking, being a bit keys-heavy guitar-light, and the sound’s a bit pinched, but they’re not too problematic; if nothing else they certainly help justify the Weird Tapes heading.

 –guest (Hawk Records/Voiceprint)