HAWKWIND: Spacebrock: CDR

Nov 22, 2009

Whereas the other Hawkwind discs I’m writing about here are archival releases, “Spacebrock” is an all-new for 2000 album.  As you might expect, it sounds vastly different from the vintage stuff and features a completely different lineup other than titular mainman Dave Brock himself; actually, the largely electronic and sample-based sound of the disc in combination with the title tends to make one wonder if this isn’t effectively a solo album with several contributions by Brock’s touring cohorts.  Regardless, don’t expect a spacerock retread or simulation here - I get the idea Brock’s basically trying to reinvent the spacerock idea for the present, and he’s often very successful.  Someone who only liked, say, the Hawks with Lemmy-era stuff might be a bit startled - hell, they might not even recognize it as Hawkwind - but as long as you don’t come to the party expecting the familiar it shouldn’t be a problem.  The oddest thing is the credit on the back that says “Life Form” was in the movie “Any Given Sunday.”  Really?  That Al Pacino/Cameron Diaz football movie?  I didn’t see it - I’m not big on sports - but now I almost want to check it out to see if the Hawks are in the background there or what.

 –guest (Hawk Records/Voiceprint)