HAWKWIND: Family Tree: CD

Nov 22, 2009

The actual Hawkwind content on this album is a bit on the low side, basically consisting of one ’79 version of “MotorwayCity”; the rest is extracurricular cuts by members of the current Hawkwind lineup.  The first half of the record is the most un-Hawklike, since Brock didn’t have anything to do with it as far as I can tell.  The second half features four all-Brock-all-instruments tracks (which sound pretty similar to what’s on “Spacebrock”), one track by Brock plus two Hawks, then ends with the live ’79 cut.  Not at all a bad listen, but not as essential as the other Hawkwind/Voiceprint releases by any means.

 –guest (Hawk Records/Voiceprint)