HAWKS AND DOVES: Hush Money/I’m on Fire: 7”

Sep 23, 2009

Acoustic-based single from an ex member of Planes Mistaken For Stars. Man, this really seems to be the gruff punk retirement plan. Alongside how many members of assorted beard punk related bands comes another single that is stripped down to basics. One thing about this style is that someone will live and die by their songwriting; there is no distortion or volume to drown things out. This record is not nearly up to the level of something like Drag The River or Tim Barry and covering Bruce Springsteen is never a good idea—particularly a popular song such as the one here. It just seems to be setting yourself up for disappointment. This is probably as good as most of this style, and fans of the stripped down ex-punker style will find a lot to like here, I suppose.

 –frame (No Idea)