HAVE YOU HAD SEX WITH THIS PERSON: , $2, 6 ½” x 10”, 12 pgs.

Mar 19, 2015

If you’ve had sex, you’ve had bad sex. If you’ve been in love before, you’ve most likely experienced heartbreak. Most of us try to forget the bad sex and move on from the broken heart. We don’t often tell more than a few close friends about these experiences, but two seasoned zinesters decided to publish a zine laying it all out for you. Have You Had Sex with This Person is a collaborative zine from zinesters Red Velvet and How Are Your Insides? Depending on which side you read from, you’ll either get haikus of hook ups or cringe-worthy short stories. Red Velvet supplies the shorts—some stories needing only a paragraph—other particularly interesting recounts requiring a few pages. At times, the things said to her on first dates or mid-coitus sound too awful to be true. A particularly awful first date introduces a man who comments on Red Velvet’s weight by describing her as “sturdy.” Yes. The same adjective you could use to describe a piece of furniture is a perfect description of a body type. Flipping the zine over, we’re given haikus of relationships, sexual encounters, and past loves from How Are Your Insides? I love how the format of a haiku allows the reader to get just enough information, but also leaves you wondering. One of my favorites starts: “You threw up on my dick.” Always a classy move. After I finished reading, I thought about all the bad sex I’ve had and all the heartbreak I’d been through in my life. These two writers found a way to make me laugh, shock me, and leave me wanting a second issue. And that’s what you should look for in good sex isn’t it? To be left wanting more? Wait. –Tricia (No address listed.)