Sep 21, 2007

The second offering of alienated, sunstroked, desert hallucinations in as many issues from Steve Pallow’s alter-ego, Haunted George, and he continues to sit atop the heap of purveyors of the one man band format. Is anyone out there coming up with lyrics as fucking brilliant as this one from “Song for World Peace”: “I hold these truths to be self-evident/That all men may be cremated equally.” Haunted George’s voice sounds like a parched demon growling at the poor soul he is about to inhabit and torment, and the guitar sounds like its being plucked by the claws of a gargoyle. Pop on “Invisible” and feel the echo liquefy your limbic system. These tunes are coming from another plane entirely. Next level shit, with a cover photo that, unbelievably, looks like the music sounds.

 –benke (Hook or Crook)

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