Mar 14, 2007

The more I listen to Haunted George, the alter ego of S. George Pallow from the defunct Necessary Evils, the more inclined I am to call the man a genius. He takes the one man band format to bizarre, uncharted territory that the great Hasil Adkins would have been proud to tread. The songs on Bone Hauler hang heavily in the air like apparitions: lost souls searching for a desert resting place. Pallow’s voice, limbs, and instruments work together to create a harrowing, hypnotic mental landscape of isolation and desolation. “Depraved,” with the line “I’m not depraved. What’s that mean, anyway? They’ll learn the truth about me…someday,” will simultaneously make you laugh out loud and your hair stand on end. Other standouts are “Graves in the Desert,” “Howlin’,” and “What Kinda Tracks Are Those?” Highly recommended.

 –benke (Dead Beat)