HATES, THE: People’s Temple: CD

I’m like a broken record when it comes to Texas punk rock. I love, love, love it! That said, I had never heard Houston’s The Hates until right now. Since there is absolutely no information on the disc, I had to hit the internet. It seems that it could have been Houston’s first punk band in 1978? The website does not mention this disc anywhere, so I went and put my detective hat on and got to work. The best I can figure out is that these are updated recordings of songs from their early singles. This is so good! The Hates sounds like a much better Youth Brigade (L.A.) with a helping of The Bodies in there for good measure. Of course these guys were around before that, so there you go. Apparently, they are still playing today, and that makes me happy because I think I found another classic Texas punk band to set my nerve endings on fire! 

 –ty (thehates.com)