HATEPINKS, THE: We Are the Fucks: CD

Feb 15, 2007

I initially mocked the “Sehr Gut Rock Und Roll” album for being some kinda reverse-triumph of style over substance, claiming that the band might as well have been pulling random punk words out of a hat for song titles and what not—not that i’m against that (in point of fact, the band actually inspired me to DO just that—cf. my “punk rock magnetic poetry” column of some time back), but it didn’t seem to have much point to it. Now i listen to that album (as part of this forty-two track complete recordings thang) and i wonder exactly what the fuck it was i didn’t like about it, ‘cause, i mean, it sounds kinda great now. The only thing i can think of is that now at work i have to listen to music thru headphones, so, yeah, rectify THAT with the Great Art of Punk Rock, s’il vous plait. BEST SONG: “Fall In Love With A JPEG File” BEST SONG TITLE: “My City Is Sick of Pizzas” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: 42 songs, 1.1 hours, 709.1 MB. For the videogame i’m currently working on, i have to keep the grand total file size of all in-game sound assets to 8 MB. I HAVE EIGHT FUCKING MEGABYTES TO USE FOR ALL THE FUCKING SOUND IN THE GAME!!! Moozairfookair!

 –norb (Revel Yell)