HATEPINKS, THE: Teste Malade/ Sick in the Head: 10” EP

Mar 14, 2007

Have to hand it to The Hatepinks. They could have easily slid into Briefs clone territory, and instead are ending up sounding like the radioactive house band to Repo Man, if Repo Man was set in France… and the Adverts sung about cheese or were a Do Wop band that played their instruments with stilettos instead of fingers… and there was a nearby beach that had a radioactive spill and when the barrels broke open, it was bubblegum… and everyone—even librarians—did a bunch of drugs, every second they were alive… and… well, you get the point. Bouncy ’77-friendly French weirdness that advocates animals sexual liberation while really just hoping that you’ll have a good time.

 –todd (TKO)