Jul 06, 2007

Hated Principles have been around for awhile (starting in 1982 and they were on the We Got Power #3 comp.), popping up in strange places and at weird times. The last time I saw them, the singer Captain Anarchy was in a wheel chair with a broken leg and they were playing in something of an antiques/junk/collectibles store. The sides of the record are a split personality. The first two songs, “Punk’s Only a Word” and “Cops from Hell,” are straight ahead thrashers, reminiscent at different times, of MDC, Motörhead, and mid period DRI, where there are metally leads, but they’re kept—sorta—in check. The B-side’s “Blind Faith” and “M.T.A.” are death rock with pop overtones. Picture Christian Death lead by Lance Hahn of J Church singing. Both songs are actually quite catchy and pretty. Not a bad 7”. One of the members is Donofthedickies or something like that.

 –todd (Gothic Gospel)