HATED NOISE: Hatred Is Purity: CD

Jul 28, 2014

The first eight tracks on the CD are the Hatred Is Purity tracks, nine and ten are bonus, and the last ten are from the band’s I Don’t Want to Be Like You 7”. The mix on the new stuff is a bit tinny for my old ears, but that did not take away from the snotty punk fury of the tuneage. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the back half of the CD a bit more, owing in part to the meatier sound. On the whole, Hated Noise play rip-you-apart punk / hardcore songs about hating authority, murder, hate, mob violence, and deviance—pretty standard fare for this genre and Zodiac Killer Records, but Hated Noise does it well, so it was worth my time. However, I did not need yet another anthem about splitting skulls with steel-toed boots. Other than that clunker, this is a worthwhile soundtrack to one’s beer-sodden, I-hate-society Saturday night mixers. 

 –Eric Carlson (Zodiac Killer)