HASIL ADKINS: “Kim Rock” b/w “Baseball Bat Song”: 12” single

Mar 26, 2009

A twelve inch single, from Italy. Hasil Adkins is the man. Two songs: “Kim Rock” and “Baseball Bat.” The first you need to hear because you have to. You have to know. The second you need to hear especially if you’ve read part 1 of the Razorcake Hasil interview, ‘cause I know you just finished part 2. If not, go to it now! Get! … Alright, now you’re a bit more ready, and there is nothing more I can say except you might want to get up and get one of these cause I don’t think they’ll hang around too long. You don’t want to go your life without the latest from the Lone One himself. So sad. So true. Make you laugh. Make you blue. Get to it.

 –bradley (Rockin’ Bones)

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