Hasil Adkins, 1939-2005: The Lonesome One, Rest in Peace

May 05, 2005

There are more words than can fill this page speaking to the good and the power that Hasil Adkins provided for us all. Many people have shared experiences with Hasil over the years, and many more have heard his music, which has inspired a movement in the vein of blues, country, rock, psychobilly, and the one man band.

I am sure all who knew and felt Hasil's music have dealt with and understood his passing in their own lives, and it is no place of mine to compare or contrast feelings, but to simply say it is sad to receive a letter or email of Hasil's passing would be a great understatement. Hasil changed lives; it is great loss to all for him to be absent, in flesh, from our lives.

To think of him as moved-on is painful. It was hard to receive the message of his departure, and I wondered why it has to be that we wait until the end to call into attention a life as great and as influential as the life of Hasil Adkins. Then I realized, for those who were listening, for those who knew or knew of Hasil, there was not one message that went out, but thousands and thousands, heck, millions of messages that went out over the years, professing to the wonder, joy, and sorrow, and then wonder and joy again, that was and continues to be the life of Hasil Adkins.

One message wouldn't have done it. It had to be songs, creating albums; stories, creating legends... the legend of Hasil Adkins. How does it go? Put on a tape or record of his music and feel the Hunch in your veins.

Hasil was a pioneer who kept going when anyone else would have packed up and headed for home. He will continue to be a great influence on all who heard his music, and many more who have not yet been able to listen.

Heaven now has the Hunch.

Thank you for everything, Mr. Adkins.

Please send condolences and contributions towards a proper burial to:
Irene J. Dolan
4288 Camp Creek Rd
Julian, WV 25529

Please visit www.hasiladkins.com for more information.