HARUM SCARUM: The Last Light: LP

May 20, 2008

It’s been awhile since I listened to their last LP, Suppose We Try. That was a great record! That was enough for me to send out some cash when I got an email about a new release. I thought they had broken up since I hadn’t really heard anything about the band in a while. I had read that the band members were playing in other bands and doing other things. Just like the last record, this record is amazing. This recording has a straightforward sound that is moody and sad while maintaining a feeling of anxiety. The music is adventurous and creates a dark atmosphere. Lyrics of despair and anger connect the ambience of the dirge. More personal insight of the injustices of the world are pinpointed. I love that this sounds so progressive yet the music still propels forward with a sense of urgency. It sounds that the time away was well spent to create a record that is uniquely theirs while staying away from the formula that is followed by so many other bands. Musically challenging and thought-provoking. There are two things on my wish list from this band: I hope they come down to LA and grace us with their presence, and I also hope more recordings are coming down the pipeline. 

 –don (Partners in Crime)

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